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Do I really need Forkolin?


Forskolin aids weight loss, helps maintain and build lean muscle as well as aiding the body in becoming a fat burning furnace. It is particularly useful for stubborn fat and maintaining muscle (which in turns burns more calories). A healthy diet and regular exercise are also integral parts of your weight loss.

Are the products safe for people with diabetes?

Yes, all our products are safe for people with diabetes.

I have high blood pressure, can I use Forskolin?

Yes, Forskolin has been shown in clinical trials to actually lower blood pressure, an added bonus for someone with high blood pressure.

Can people with heart problems use the products?

Please speak to your physician before starting any new health regime.

Why must I drink 2-3 litres of water a day?


It is essential to ensure adequate hydration whilst using Forskolin.

Keeping your body hydrated allows the body to function properly, it helps to elimate toxins and even reduces hungar and cravings.

We can often mistake hydration for hunger, so we suggest you drink a full glass of water at least 10 minutes prior to eating which will help to stop you from over-eating.

Do I have to follow an eating plan whilst using these products?

Following one of our eating plans you will maximise your weight loss in the shortest possible time.

Will these products keep me awake at night?

No, our products are natural, and stimulant free.

Do your products give you the shakes or any side effects?

No, our products are natural, and stimulant free.

Will I lose weight if I skip meals?

We do not recommend skipping meals, it is in very important to keep your blood sugar label steady, so we suggest 5 small meals a day, or three moderate meals plus two healthly snacks.

Always try to eat breakfast within 60 minutes of getting up to kick start your metabolic rate.